Eli Scriver

Sex educator


Eli is the face behind Pillowtalk. He is available to facilitate virtual workshops, answer your questions in Pillowtalk Advice, provide one-on-one sex ed sessions, and answer media queries. Contact Eli here.

Eli's workshop outlines, lesson plans, bodies of curricula, and anatomical reference images are available on teacherspayteachers.com

the journey so far

Eli has been teaching sex ed for more than 5 years. He started in high school, attending a summer program at a clinic in St Paul, MN that provided in-depth sex ed and training for peer educators. He immediately began making zines and writing his own curricula to implement in high schools all around the metro area.


 In 2018, Eli began attending Knox College in Galesburg, IL and started designing his own undergraduate program in sex education. The major was approved in 2019, and Eli graduated in March of 2022 with the first ever undergraduate sex education bachelor's degree.


In the meantime, Eli has designed sex ed curricula for the college's freshmen, has created and published 2 zines for the college, continued to create and facilitate workshops, completed an internship teaching a virtual peer education program for high schoolers, and began Pillowtalk, a radio show and sex ed advice column that is now the face of his sex education.


Currently, Eli is working on AASECT Sexuality Educator certification and finishing his research on virtual sex education during COVID-19. Sign up for the Pillowtalk Newsletter to hear when it gets published!